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Scaringi & Scaringi, P.C., is a comprehensive, full-service law firm serving clients throughout central Pennsylvania. We have the experience and resources needed to handle the most challenging legal problems, as well as routine legal matters.

Each attorney focuses on a select group of practice areas. With each attorney limiting his or her practice to a small number of interrelated practice areas, our attorneys have developed a heightened level of experience and knowledge of those practice areas. This allows us to provide quality representation and premium service to our clients.

Our attorneys, however, can call upon the knowledge and expertise of other attorneys in our firm in any given case. Clients benefit greatly from this integrated approach. Working as a team, Scaringi & Scaringi, P.C., can handle any legal issue that may arise.

Quality Legal Solutions and Extraordinary Client Service

Our law firm's success rests on four credos:

1) Thorough preparation — For everything we do, we prepare. Even though most cases settle out of court, we prepare every case as if we were going to trial. If we have to go to trial, we are ready; the other side will usually give us a better settlement offer if they know that we are ready, willing and prepared to face them in court.

2) Hard work — At Scaringi & Scaringi, P.C., we hold fast to the work ethic that built Pennsylvania. If we have to, we will work around the clock to get results for our client.

3) We fight for you — We are not there to make friends with opposing counsel. We will not go along to get along. We will not allow the other side to offer anything less than what you deserve.

4) Client service — As our client, you will not be a number or "just another case." Retain us, and you will have our complete commitment to your cause. We will do everything necessary to ensure your satisfaction with our work.

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