Child Custody Lawyers

The well-being of a child during and after the divorce process is important to every parent. With competent legal counsel, you can ensure that you are represented with vigorous advocacy throughout all steps of the divorce process — including determining custody arrangements. At Scaringi & Scaringi, P.C., we recognize the importance of being creative in developing legal resolutions and strong advocacy.

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Child Custody Laws in Pennsylvania

Judges will consider a number of factors when awarding custody. The outcome of your custody case can depend greatly on the attorney who is representing your interests. At Scaringi & Scaringi, P.C., we are well-versed in family law in Pennsylvania and have handled both straightforward and complex custody cases involving:

  • Primary physical custody: When the child lives primarily with one parent and the other parent has some lesser amount of time with the child (e.g., every other weekend or certain weekdays)
  • Shared physical custody (joint custody): Sometimes called joint custody, this is when the child lives with both parents for about an equal amount of time and most duties are shared 50/50.
  • Supervised custody: When a parent has the chance to visit the child in the presence of a third party

Our child custody attorneys will provide objective legal advice, and explain how parental duties and circumstances affect the outcome for determining custody. Not only will we walk through the procedural steps involved in determining custody, but also the likelihood of obtaining certain outcomes.

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