Federal Pardons & Commutations

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If you have been charged and convicted with a federal crime of any type, a Presidential Pardon is one of the few ways to be rid of that conviction. At Scaringi Law, our experienced federal criminal defense attorneys have everything you need to petition for a federal pardon seeking reprieve, clemency, remission of fine, or commutation of sentence.

Eligibility to file for a Presidential Pardon begins five years after being released from confinement or, if there was none, five years after being convicted. With few exceptions, these petitions should not be filed if there are any other forms of relief available, and should not be submitted by someone on parole, probation, or supervised release.

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The process for handling a petition for a Presidential Pardon is as follows:

  • The U.S. Attorney General, after receiving a petition, investigates the case outlined.
  • He or she obtains all relevant reports from agencies and officials.
  • He or she makes a recommendation to the President as to whether the petition should be granted or denied.

The President, while not completely unlimited in purview, still has the authority to grant petitions despite a negative recommendation from the Attorney General. However, it is extremely unlikely for this to occur.

What Does a Presidential Pardon Accomplish?

A Presidential Pardon has the ability to restore rights that may have been lost due to a Federal conviction. It also has the potential to curtail the negative stigma surrounding a conviction, but, it is important to note, does not expunge it. Even with a successful petition, it is still required that you disclose your conviction when it is sought on official documents. It is also useful to bear in mind that the civic consequences of a federal conviction, including losing the right to hold public office or vote, is a matter of state law, not federal.

If you believe you may be able to benefit from a federal pardon, call our Harrisburg federal criminal defense attorneys at (717) 775-7195. We may be able to help!


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