Workers' Comp, SSDI And Personal Injury

Workers' Comp And PI Counsel For Accidents On The Job

Most people who get hurt at work understand that they have a right to lost wages and medical expenses through the Pennsylvania workers' compensation system. In our experience, injured workers are less likely to understand their right to damages in personal injury litigation.

At Scaringi & Scaringi, P.C., our lawyers help people hurt in workplace accidents get the compensation they need under every available approach, not just the most obvious ones. Contact us in Harrisburg, Newport or Carlisle, for a free consultation about your right to benefits, damages or both. Call now for a free consultation. No attorneys fees unless we recover an award or settlement for you!

Comprehensive Advice About The Full Range Of Your Rights

The workers' compensation system represents a legislative compromise between the interests of workers and their employers. From the accident victim's perspective, the advantage is a relatively quick path to benefits without the need to prove negligence on anyone's part. The downside is the limited scope of losses you can expect to recover. Additionally, you can't sue your own employer or a fellow employee for damages related to a workplace accident — workers' comp will normally be your only option.

Nevertheless, there are many situations where an accident on the job will support both a workers' comp claim and a personal injury lawsuit against a third party for negligence. The most common example involves motor vehicle accidents where the injured driver was driving a delivery van, maintenance truck or even an 18-wheeler. Our attorneys can investigate and pursue your negligence claims against the driver at fault while you're collecting workers' comp benefits.

Other workplace accidents supporting the right to personal injury damages might involve dangerous property conditions, dog bites, defective machinery or safety equipment, or falls at construction sites.

Just as we help workers achieve the maximum compensation available for traumatic work-related injuries, we also represent people who are disabled from working due to occupational illnesses, exposure to toxins or chronic injuries resulting from repetitive stress. In some cases, you can collect workers' compensation followed by Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. In situations where the disability doesn't reflect a work-related cause, you might still qualify for SSDI, provided that your period of disability lasts for at least one year. Call now for a free consultation.

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For additional information about the full range of your options following a workplace accident or disabling medical condition, contact Scaringi & Scaringi, P.C., for a free consultation in Harrisburg, Newport, or Carlisle. No attorneys fees unless we recover an award or settlement for you!