Seasoned Harrisburg DUI Attorneys

Experienced Defense When You Need it Most

The Harrisburg DUI lawyers at Scaringi Law are well equipped to handle complex and challenging criminal cases. Our experience with the investigation process enables us to thoroughly review each client's case and find weaknesses in prosecution’s case against them.

We have experience defending clients in DUI cases involving:

  • Second, third or fourth DUI charges
  • Assault or homicide related to motor vehicle accidents
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Commercial drivers

We understand that for commercial drivers especially, the threat of jail time, fees, and losing driving privileges can be devastating. That is why our DUI defense team takes a creative and resourceful approach to such cases. Even if you feel like the facts are stacked against you, we can work on developing an alternative sentencing option through a plea negotiation in many cases, shielding you from more severe consequences.

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, call our DUI attorneys in Harrisburg for a consultation! You can reach us at (717) 775-7195.

Challenging Breathalyzers

For many DUI defendants, the most effective defense strategies involve challenging the legality of the initial traffic stop, the administration of field sobriety tests, the “reason” they were placed under arrest, or the manner in which the breathalyzer or chemical test was conducted. We know how to evaluate and address any unlawful aspects of the arrest that can lead to the dismissal of such charges.

Breathalyzer machines are complex instruments comprising several subsystems, including electrical circuits, a chemical analysis process, and a microcomputer. A slight malfunction in any one of these systems may be enough to get the breath test results thrown out. On top of that, there is the possibility of human error, including improper calibration of the machine, contamination of the machine and operator error during the test.

We can examine the device used to measure your blood alcohol concentration to see if it was properly calibrated and maintained, properly operated, and otherwise reliable as a source of evidence against you. We may even be able to obtain a dismissal of a DUI charge if there was an improper administration of a chemical test.

Penalties for Drunk Driving Offenses

While first-time offenders with a blood alcohol content (BAC) less than .10 percent can usually avoid the suspension of their driver's licenses, if you have prior DUI convictions, your BAC was .10 percent or higher, or you refused a breathalyzer test, your license will be suspended if you are convicted.

In Pennsylvania, other penalties for DUI can include:

  • Time behind bars
  • Ignition interlock device installation
  • Extensive fines and legal fees
  • Permanent criminal record

In felony DUI cases based on previous convictions, we look for ways to attack the old cases on a variety of grounds. Older cases are often charged under laws and procedures that can't support a repeat drunk driving charge today, and sometimes convictions from other states can also be excluded. No matter your situation, our Harrisburg criminal defense lawyers fight to get your penalties as reduced as possible.

Alternative Options in DUI Cases

First offenders will often qualify for a pretrial diversion or accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) of DUI charges. This gives you the chance to avoid the criminal justice system altogether. Scaringi Law can help you determine if you are eligible based on the facts of your case.

Our Pennsylvania drunk driving lawyers can also help you protect your driver's license and minimize collateral consequences of a DUI arrest, such as disciplinary proceedings against people in licensed occupations.

Trust your defense to our skilled team. Contact the firm at (717) 775-7195.

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  • Your 2nd DUI may no longer cost you your 2nd amendment rights

    Changes to Pennsylvania law may be used to restore Firearm Rights to non-violent people.

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