Divorce can be complex with high-profile spouse

People who have spouses that make a lot of money, and are in a high profile position within their communities might feel that divorcing their spouse isn't an option. Or, they might feel intimidated by their spouse's ability to make private issues very public and keep silent their own wrongdoings.

While these types of situations might be rare, they do happen, and can be very stressful for the spouse who feels they don't have as much leverage as their spouse in a divorce. There are some steps that can help a person prepare for a high-profile divorce from an intimidating spouse.

First, it is important that the person feels safe from physical harm. An attorney can help a person feel protected and make sure they file for divorce at an appropriate time when the person feels they have a safe place to stay.

Leading up to separating living environments from the other person, it might be wise to collect and copy all shared legal and financial documents. This will help the person understand the couple's total assets for property division.

Understanding these documents can also help a person better prepare for their life after they go through the divorce process. Gaining a separate source of income might be a wise decision. If a person relies on their spouses income, they might need to find employment and work to separate financially. An attorney can help a person understand what money they should be able to access during a divorce, and what might not be touchable until after a divorce. While these situations can be complex, seeking legal help can make the process go as smooth as possible.

Source: CNBC, "Divorcing a Bully, Protecting Your Finances," Elizabeth MacBride, June 18, 2013


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