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  • Court of Appeals Decision

    Quick Note About an Important Legal Case - Today - the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Decision Striking Down California's Statute Criminalizing So-Called "Large Capacity" Magazines.

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  • Political Yard Signs

    The Law of Campaign Yard Signs and Local Municipal Regulations on When You Can Put Them Up, Take Them Down and Other Restrictions.

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  • Transferring a Family Business

    Family Business Succession Planning and Offer Some Tips for Business Owners

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  • Trump & Cohen

    Explanation of Michael Cohen's recent legal matter involving finance contributions and the paying of Trump's sexual affairs with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

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  • International Trade and Letters of Credit

    American Companies Wishing to Sell Products in Foreign Markets Should Tune into the Scaringi Law Lunch Break to Learn How to Protect Themselves From Nonpayment - Letters of Credit.

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  • Did David Hogg Violate Campaign Election Law?

    In this Scaringi Law Lunch Break We Discuss Whether Gun-Control Activist David Hogg Violated US Campaign Finance Law in Canada.

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Firearms Law

  • 3D Printable Gun Lawsuits

    We discuss the 3-D printable gun lawsuits including the suit filed by PA Attorney General.

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  • 2nd Amendment Protects the Right to Open Carry of Firearms

    Recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Decision Declaring the 2nd Amendment Protects the Right to Open Carry of Firearms and its Potential Effect on The Current Denial of the Right to Unlicensed Open Carry in Philadelphia!

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Pardons & Expungement

  • Law of Expungements in Pennsylvania

    Review the Law of Expungements in Pennsylvania. Find Out if You Are Eligible for an Expungement of an Arrest or PFA Record!

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  • The Pardon Process

    An overview of the process involved in obtaining a pardon from the Governor and have one's criminal record expunged.

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  • Divorce Law

    Divorce Law and the Importance of Using an Expert to Value a Closely-Held Business.

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  • Change Coming To Alimony in 2019

    Alimony has changes coming to it in 2019. See why it is better to act now.

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  • Bankruptcy 7 or 13 which is right for you?

    Bankruptcy Law and the Differences Between Chapter 7 and 13.

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Estate Planning

  • Estate Planning - Planning for Your Future

    What Documents You Will Need in a Typical Estate Plan and How an Estate Plan Can Help You and Your Heirs!

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Trademark and Service Marks

  • Registering Your Trademarks and Servicemarks

    the Importance of Registering Your Trademarks and Servicemarks with the USPTO - to Enhance Their Value and Better Protect Your Busines

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  • Copyrights

    The Law of Copyrights and How Important it is to Register Your Rights to Songs, Literary Works, Photographs, Paintings and even Dance Moves!

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  • Register a Trademark

    Colin Kaepernick registered an image of himself for a trademark. Learn more about why and how.

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Criminal Defense

  • Seal From Public View Your Criminal Record

    How to Seal From Public View Your Criminal Record Through Pennsylvania's Limited Access Review Law.

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  • Prior Criminal Record

    Prior Criminal Record? Learn How to Have Your Gun Rights Restored. If you meet certain criteria

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Business Law

  • Limited Liability Company Protection

    Starting Your New Business by Forming a Limited Liability Company.

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  • Sale or Acquisition of a Small Business

    Are you buying or selling a amall business? This is information you need to know.

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  • Buying or Selling a Business

    Quick explanation of advantages of stock sale or asset sale of a business.

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  • Own Your Business

    Own Your Business? Want to Downsize and Prepare to Sell or Transfer Your Business?

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Employment Law

  • ESOP Employee Stock Ownership Plans

    Interesting options for employee stock and Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP).

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  • H1B Visa - Hiring International Workers

    Brief overview of applying for a H1B Visa and hiring an international worker.

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Family Law

  • Grandparent Custody

    A Grandparent can file for custody provided certain conditions are exsist.

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  • Grandparent Rights Part 2

    More about legal standing for Grandparent Rights in custody matters.

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Driving under the Influence

  • Your 2nd DUI may no longer cost you your 2nd amendment rights

    Changes to Pennsylvania law may be used to restore Firearm Rights to non-violent people.

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  • Immigration on the 2020 census

    Justice Brett Kavanaugh could very well be hearing a case about the question of illegal aliens being reinstated on the 2020 Census.

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  • Frank Mroczka on Title Insurance

    Frank Mroczka defines title insurance and why it is necessary.

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