Important victory for a client reminds me why I am a lawyer

By Marc Scaringi of Scaringi Law posted in Know Your Rights on Thursday, January 22, 2015.

Earlier this month in Court I obtained an important goal for my client and was reminded why I am a lawyer.

I obtained an expungement of my client's decades-old involuntary commitment under the Mental Health Procedures Act. Many years ago my client uttered a foolish threat, during a very stressful situation, for the purpose of getting attention and sympathy. What it got him was committed.

Although he was told he would be "signing himself in voluntarily" that turned out not to the case. Instead he was subjected to a several day-long commitment even though he had no mental illness. Upon his release, he went to retrieve his firearms that had been seized, many of which were family heirlooms, and was told - for the first time - that he had involuntarily committed and his firearms would not be returned.

Since then my client has been living with the humiliation of having been committed. He then came to see me. I filed a petition to expunge his prior involuntary commitment. We showed my client had no prior mental health history of any kind and just recently had a complete and thorough psychological evaluation showing him to be in fine mental health.

The petition was granted, the prior commitment was expunged and my client's 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms has been restored.

Now my client no longer has to live with this albatross around his neck and is free to seek new employment and fully exercise his Constitutional rights. He was visibly moved and relieved when the Judge issued the Order. He said he did not know how to thank me. That felt good.

Yes, every once in a while it feels good to be a lawyer.


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