Consult an Attorney before You Sign

Consult an Attorney before You Sign

Most anyone in business will have occasion to enter into contracts. Even people in their private capacities are called upon to enter into contracts. Many take this undertaking very casually, which can result in expensive consequences. To the untrained eye, provisions common in contracts are, while understood by lawyers, often accepted by unrepresented parties without question.

People often do not even read the entire contract or ask questions about it before signing it. And failing to read the contract will generally not absolve the signer of responsibility.

Sophisticated contracts have been drafted by lawyers. Such contracts reflect the accumulated experiences and consequences of prior contracts. Lawyers seek to prevent adverse consequences that have resulted from provisions or shortcomings of prior contracts. Lawyers also want to incorporate into their contracts the accumulated wisdom of other lawyers’ contracts with which they’ve become familiar.

Don’t assume that provisions in a contract, or even the whole contract can’t be negotiated. The other party to the proposed agreement should have no objection to negotiating. If that person does object, then the proposed contract is something from which you should walk away.

Make yourself a full participant in forming a contract. Make a list of provisions you want to see in the contract. Then contact a lawyer to draft, negotiate, and revise the proposed contract as appropriate.

If you’ve been presented with a proposed contract or wish to have a contract drafted, call Scaringi Law for a free initial consultation. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you would like a consultation on this or any other legal matter, do not hesitate to contact Scaringi Law at 717-657-7770.

Brian C. Caffrey
Senior Associate Attorney

Scaringi Law recommends attorney Brian C. Caffrey for Civil Litigation and Construction, Contract, Business, Professional Licensure/Administrative Law and Employment Law cases. You can call 717.775.7195, live CHAT with a rep, or fill-in our CONTACT form.


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