Congratulations to Scaringi Law Attorney Victor Schleich, Esq., for Winning Eight Acquittals in One Case!

Our client was facing ten separate charges including both felony and misdemeanor grade offenses. Due to the severity of these charges, our client was facing the possibility of forty to sixty years in state prison. The assigned attorney from the firm was Victor Schleich. Throughout the case, we received several offers from the district attorney, each better than the last. However, after reviewing the state’s case and the evidence they planned to present, Attorney Schleich was confident our client’s innocence could be fought for and won in trial. Despite the high stakes and the multiple challenges that come with a case such as this, Attorney Schleich pushed forward, rejected all plea offers, and went to trial.

Throughout the trial, Attorney Schleich was able to point out the inconsistencies in the state’s case. This was done both with aggressive pointed cross examination and diligent direct examination of our witnesses. Lastly, our client bravely took the stand to give the side of the story the jury had yet to hear. After a methodical direct examination, Attorney Schleich was able to present the whole compelling truth to the jury. Following impassioned closing arguments from both the state and Attorney Schleich, the case was sent to the jury. Just prior to this happening, Attorney Schleich was able to get two of the original ten charges dismissed by arguing the state had not provided sufficient evidence at trial for the jury to be able to consider those counts. The judge agreed and dismissed the charges. This left the jury with eight counts to deliberate.

After a brief deliberation, the state and defense were called back into the courtroom as word was received that a verdict had been reached. A few moments later, the court began to read the verdicts on each of the remaining eight counts. Our client was found not guilty on all eight counts. He received a complete acquittal. With the fear of facing what would have equated to a de facto life sentence now no longer a concern, the case was concluded, and Attorney Schleich and his elated client left the courthouse where the client was reunited with his family.

If you would like to have a consultation with Attorney Victor Schleich, contact Scaringi Law at 717-657-7770.


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