Am I Eligible for Expungement?

A criminal conviction can follow you around for a long time and have serious consequences on your personal and professional life. If you are being held back by an old conviction or felony charges, call our team at Scaringi Law immediately. Our criminal defense attorneys are committed to doing whatever is necessary to secure your best outcome and helping you navigate the process of expungement.

Eligibility for Expungement in Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, most adults are not eligible to have a felony, misdemeanor, or guilty plea cleared from their criminal record. There are, however, 2 exceptions to this rule. A person may have a guilty plea or felony or misdemeanor conviction removed from their criminal record if:

  • They are 70 or older and have not been arrested or prosecuted for other crimes in the past 10 years.
  • They have been deceased for at least 3 years.

For minors who have a juvenile criminal record, different rules apply. According to the Juvenile Delinquency Records Handbook and Expungement Guide, juvenile criminal records and all related charges can be expunged if any of the following apply:

  • The charges against you were unsubstantiated (which you will have to prove) or were dismissed.
  • It has been more than 6 months since your supervision under a consent decree has ended.
  • There are currently no juvenile criminal charges being brought against you.
  • It has been more than 5 years since your time in a juvenile detention center or correctional facility and there are currently no other charges (related or unrelated) being brought against you.
  • You are at least 18 years old, a prosecutor has consented to having your record expunged, and the court has acknowledged all of the following:
    • The nature of your offense
    • Your current age and your age at the time of your criminal charges
    • Your employment history
    • Your criminal history
    • The personally difficulties that it will pose if your record is not expunged
    • Whether or not your maintained criminal record is necessary to promote and defend public safety

It is important to note that eligibility for expungement does not necessarily mean that it is guaranteed. That’s why you need a savvy legal team on your side to make your case and increase the likelihood of having your old record cleared. If old criminal charges are holding you back, don’t wait another day. Call our experienced team of Harrisburg criminal defense lawyers at Scaringi Law immediately.

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