Starting A Business? Protect Yourself, And Your Investment

Starting A Business? Protect Yourself, And Your Investment

By Brian C. Caffrey, Esq.

Starting or investing in a business enterprise is a major decision and a profound undertaking. Talented entrepreneurs want to pursue their passions and make a living for themselves and their families. However, starting or investing in a business is not the same as accepting a job with an employer. You’re not working for a boss; you are the boss. And you are taking the risks and reaping the profits, or taking the losses.

Starting or investing in a business has legal consequences. Whether you plan for it or not, legal principles will define the form of your business, be it a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or sole proprietorship. The best way to protect yourself, your business, and your investment is to obtain legal guidance before committing yourself and your money.

Unless you’re “the master of all you survey,” your business will involve relationships; and relationships usually involve contracts. Signing a contract has lasting consequences, which, without guidance, you might not be able to predict. The trained eye of an attorney, when applied to a contract, can detect inequities, unfavorable provisions, and pitfalls.

Attorneys are also skilled at negotiating, and negotiating—bargaining over terms in an agreement—should be part of every contract that is worth the paper it’s printed on.

The lawyers in our firm have many years of experience in planning for and setting up businesses, and in dealing with the consequences when things go wrong. This gives us a perspective that enables us to anticipate potential problems and take measures to avoid or prevent them. An ounce of prevention is truly worth twelve pounds of cure in this context.

If you’re to succeed in business, you’ll need an appropriate measure of control over the enterprise in which you’ve invested your talent and money. Seek legal guidance when it can make a difference for you.

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