Be Sure Your Past Criminal History Doesn’t Disqualify You

undefinedBy Robert M. Sakovich, Esq.

If you want a firearm or license to carry and you had a prohibiting criminal conviction on your record that you believe to have been removed, or if you are unsure if a criminal act on your record is a disqualifying act, you may want to confirm with an attorney before filling out any forms related to firearms.

Many clients have come to us after applying for the purchase of a firearm or for a concealed carry license and being rejected, because of an old charge they thought was expunged, pardoned, or not severe enough to disqualify. In the case of a transfer or purchase, some are even charged with a felony offense.

It is not a common circumstance, but we have experience with clients who were convicted of a crime as a juvenile or who had sought and were awarded expungement or pardon of a criminal conviction, only to find that the charge remains on the Pennsylvania Instant Check System or National Instant Check System database. In these uncommon situations, we might be able to resolve the situation as simply as obtaining records of your expungement or pardon and submitting this information to the caretakers of these records. Sometimes, it is a flaw in the order for expungement or pardon itself, and we may need to seek some form of relief from the court.

In any circumstance, the help of an attorney to correct the problem before criminal charges arise is significantly less than the cost of cleaning up the mess and defending a criminal matter.

If you even think this may affect you, call an attorney and have them help you be sure you can legally attempt to purchase a firearm. We really cannot stress this enough, even the attempt to buy a firearm if not eligible is a felony. Scaringi Law knows what to do to ensure you legal in purchasing a firearm. Call 717 657 7770 for a consultation.



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