Some question whether child custody battles are worth it

Parents often say that they would do anything to fight for their children. The special bond between children and their parents can sometimes be scrambled when two parents start to divorce. The divorce process can be full of ups and downs, and many times parents will fight for custody of their children. These child custody issues can be both expensive for parents and result in increased stress for children and parents.

While many parents don't want to give up on trying to obtain full custody of their children, there might be alternatives that a parent can pursue in order to avoid a drawn out custody battle. These options might be especially worth pursuing in some cases.

Depending on the family's situation, a parent might find that their ex-spouse has significantly more money to fight any legal decisions that are made by a judge. This might lead some people to give up custody to their spouse and hope to maintain a relationship with their children even without full custody. A parent might also find that a judge has a lot of discretion in making child custody decisions. This might work in favor of one particular parent, despite both parents being capable of raising a child.

The decisions made during a child custody conflict can be very emotional. It might be wise for someone going through a divorce to speak with an attorney who has experience handling child custody cases. They can help the parent evaluate their options and pursue the best one for their individual situation.

Source: Huffington Post, “Custody Battles: Are They Worth the Fight?” Pauline Gaines, May 7, 2013


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