Unemployment Compensation -You don't have to go it alone

undefinedBy Keith E. Kendall, Esq.

I've been handling unemployment compensation cases for 30 years, and would not recommend that any applicant go it alone, on appeal. These cases involve administrative hearings before a hearing officer ("Referee") on appeal. They are legal proceedings. With legal knowledge and preparation on your side, you can maximize your chance for a good outcome. At a minimum, a good working knowledge of the rules of evidence is essential, because if you don't object to non-admissible documents or testimony, those documents or that testimony become "evidence," and also become part of the "record" of the hearing. If an appeal becomes necessary - findings of fact based on the record becomes extremely difficult to challenge on appeal. The best opposition to damaging or inadmissible evidence is to object to it at the time of the hearing - the best offense can be a good defense, in UC cases. With an experienced attorney advocating on your behalf, your chance of success will be much greater. Call me at 717 771 7195 for a consultation to find out how I can help.



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