Why do I need a prenup?

Prenuptial agreements are no longer just for the rich and famous—everyday couples should learn how they can benefit from these contracts.

For a long time, prenuptial agreements were believed to only be needed by celebrities or very wealthy business executives. Even today, Pennsylvanians routinely see news stories talking about movie stars' prenups. However, marital contracts have evolved over the years and offer protections that even the everyday person can benefit from.

Second marriages and beyond

It is no longer uncommon for people to get married for a second or third time. This may happen after a previous divorce or after the death of a prior spouse. People at virtually any age even into their golden years can start new marriages. It is common with remarriages for people to have children from their earlier marriages, opening up potential issues for what happens to assets if one spouse dies.

The Huffington Post explains that a prenuptial agreement can outline estate planning needs for blended families. In a prenup, spouses can preserve certain family heirlooms or financial assets for their biological children. This can put many concerns aside and give blended families a better start to their new lives.

Reputation preservation in an online world

Like it or not, social media is a part of today's world. Even if one spouse is not active on social channels, another may well be. If a couple eventually gets divorced, it only takes a few keystrokes or mouse clicks to do some serious and potentially permanent damage. An unflattering photo or a negative comment can embarrass people. There is also the risk of hurting a person's professional image or reputation.

For these reasons, ABC News explains that social media clauses are being added to many prenuptial agreements. These clauses stipulate what is or is not allowed to be posted online by each partner. Any person who breaks these clauses may even be fined, especially if professional or financial loss can be proven.

Legal representation is always important

When looking at a life together, people must always consider that both assets and debts can be comingled. Therefore, both things must be unmingled if a divorce happens. Pennsylvania residents should always consult with an attorney to learn how they can protect themselves with a good prenup.


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