Attorneys Can't Protect What They Don't Know About

undefinedBy Kelly M. Walsh, Esq.

When I meet with clients, whether for bankruptcy, divorce, or some other area of law, I tend to ask a lot of questions to identify all assets. This often results in my clients panicking. “Why are you asking that? Are they going to take that?” Sometimes I can see my clients calculating in their heads whether they want to tell me about something or not. It is actually a common issue in all areas of law that clients hesitate to tell their lawyers about things they worry may be harmful to their cases. It is a basic human impulse to hide weaknesses and try to protect information you fear will be used against you. When it comes to communicating with your lawyer, though, it is important to fight that impulse. Keep in mind that you hire a lawyer to represent you because you want to have someone on your side who will act as your champion, present your case as favorably as possible, and overcome any problems that may arise in your case. Your lawyer is best able to act as your champion and overcome problems if the problems are discussed honestly in advance. When I ask clients about their assets, it is because I want to make sure I can protect them. It is a lot easier for me to protect an asset if I know about it in advance. In most bankruptcy cases, I can protect every asset my client has. In the rare cases where I can’t protect an asset, I want to know in advance, so we can discuss a strategy that puts my client in control of what they keep and what they are most willing to let go if necessary. In some cases, I am able to offer a solution my client hadn’t thought of.

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