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Scaringi Law's full-service law firm includes a fully developed commercial law practice, that understands enforcement of creditors' rights represents the ultimate test for any sales or loan agreement. For example, a security interest is only as good as its ability to stand up in bankruptcy court. To learn how our experience with the full range of creditors' remedies can help your company weather tough economic conditions, contact us in any of our six Pennsylvania locations, including Harrisburg and Newport.

Call Scaringi Law at (717) 775-7195, to schedule your case evaluation.

Dependable Counsel for Secured or Unsecured Creditors

We draft commercial agreements with the assumption that they might someday need to be enforced. Consequently, we cover the bases on issues of perfection, priority, disclosure and any other considerations that could affect the value of your claim against a debtor or your interest in collateral.

If your claim winds up in bankruptcy, our Harrisburg bankruptcy lawyers know how to seek and obtain relief from the automatic stay so that your interest in collateral can be protected. We also know how to handle the collection of unsecured claims or consumer debts.

We handle commercial collections and other creditors' rights issues both as part of a broader general counsel relationship and as a freestanding engagement. Our clients include sellers, financial institutions, credit agencies and private lenders.

How Filing for Bankruptcy Can Help You

If you are laboring with debt and are looking to erase financial obligations, filing for bankruptcy can help. Whether it be Chapter 7 or 13, they each offer different, but positive, benefits.

Regardless, filing for either bankruptcy may yield the following:

  • An automatic stay is designed to help you from being evicted, foreclosed, or repossessed, as long as the actions are still pending. Bankruptcy cannot protect these if the actions are completed.
  • Bankruptcy can wipe out unsecured credit card debt, personal loans, medical bills, and more.
  • You can wipe out secured debt as well, but you may have to release certain purchased property
  • Stopping creditors from harassment and collection – upon filing for bankruptcy, the court will enforce an order called “automatic stay” which will stop most wage garnishments, lawsuits, and creditor calls. However, it cannot stop criminal cases from moving forward.

File for Chapter 7, 11, & 13 Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania

Our thorough understanding of debt collection practices, commercial law and bankruptcy also allows us to counsel debtors in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and the more complicated Chapter 11, to attain negotiated debt settlements.

For additional information about the scope of our debtor-creditor practice, contact an attorney at Scaringi Law, in Harrisburg and Newport, Pennsylvania.

If you would like to learn more about the bankruptcy process, call (717) 775-7195 now to ask about a initial consult. Our Harrisburg bankruptcy attorneys are ready to help you today!

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    Bankruptcy Law and the Differences Between Chapter 7 and 13.

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