Temporary decision in Ariel Winter's custody dispute

It's been a whirlwind autumn season for the 14-year-old actress, but it appears that things may be settling down for a bit for Ariel Winter. The Modern Family star has been going through the difficult process of having her custody disputed over by her mother, sister and father for the past couple months. Pennsylvanians going through a similar process are likely aware of the hardship it can put on a family, the children especially in many cases.

In Winter's case, the custody modification came about as the result of several different kinds of alleged abuse from her mother. The actress was extracted from the care of her mother and was living with her sister for a period of time while the decision regarding her guardianship was being deliberated. Late last month, Winter's sister was granted further guardianship after the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services corroborated the claim of emotional abuse occurring.

As is the case in many custody disputes, the guardian parties are likely trying to do what is best for their child. There is a guardianship conference for Winter's case in March of 2013, to see the standing of their arrangement at that time. In the meantime, Winter's father and brother are reported to have stated their wishes that their family can heal and move forward from the difficult time.

Pennsylvania residents going through a divorce or having trouble with a custody arrangement may wish to seek guidance from a professional as they go into the difficult period. Understanding the different options available to you could help you as you begin to put forth your best information and come to an agreement all parties can be comfortable with.

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Secondary Source: eonline.com, "Ariel Winter's guardianship extended after child services reports emotional abuse," Natalie Finn and Claudia Rosenbaum, Nov. 20, 2012


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