Spousal Support Not Included in Final Divorce Papers for Kutcher

Pennsylvanian readers might follow the entertainment news, and recently, it's been filled with stories about Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's finalized divorce. Not unsurprisingly, the couple had separated years ago, but divorce took a number of months to come to a conclusion. It allegedly involved plenty of cash and even requests for spousal support. According to the Nov. 28 news, the two have finally finalized their divorce, and there is no spousal support in sight.

During the duration of their divorce proceedings, the two went back and forth with requests and demands, according to the news. At one point, Moore allegedly asked for spousal support, although it wasn't clear why, since both are Hollywood moguls. The two had been involved in an eight-year marriage, but both would be expected to be financially sound. The terms of their split are confidential, but it's been alleged that Kutcher cheated on Moore. The two split in 2011, and the court finally accepted the divorce and signed the agreement from Moore and Kutcher on Nov. 6 and 14.

It's unknown why Moore dropped her request for spousal support, but she did so in March, 2013. Moore, 51, and Kutcher, 35, have been married since 2005, and they have been widely seen by the public and sometimes scrutinized for their age difference. It is believed that Kutcher cheated on Moore in 2011 with a 23-year-old woman in San Diego.

Divorce is a trying time, and it's possible that Moore dropped her request to make the divorce end quickly. However, if you find yourself in a similar situation, you should make sure that you're seeking everything you deserve. A long-term relationship involves many assets, cash, and other things to properly split between the two of you.

Source: New York Daily News, "He's Mila Kunis' man now! Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moor Finalize divorce" Nancy Dillon, Nov. 28, 2013


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