Alimony Can Vary by Couple, Considers Entire Divorce Agreement

People who are going through a divorce might have a lot of questions about alimony. The days of paying alimony to a soon-to-be ex-spouse for the rest of their life are coming to an end, and alimony is more likely to be calculated based on a variety of factors.

Those who might have stayed home for many years to raise children, instead of advancing their career might be in need of spousal support, while those who went to work and aggressively pursued career advancement might find themselves paying alimony. Alimony reform across the country is making the use of lifetime alimony payments less frequent, and people are becoming more likely to give up more assets in place of paying alimony.

Speaking with an experienced family law attorney might be a wise decision when facing a divorce. They can help the person understand the process and hopefully negotiate an appropriate settlement for their divorce situation. Spousal support or alimony is often influenced by who gets which assets as well as any prenuptial agreement that the couple may have made.

All of these factors weigh into an alimony or support agreement. While this is just one part of a divorce, all of the different variables within a divorce case can easily intertwine. An experienced attorney can help a person sort out each detail and work to get them a fair settlement and divorce agreement. It is important that these agreements are done properly the first time, as they can be difficult to change.

Source: NPR, “Alimony Till Death Do Us Part? Nay, Say Some Ex-Spouses,” Jennifer Ludden, May 28, 2013


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