Judge orders woman to stop breast feeding

Pennsylvanian readers who have had children and gone through a divorce or custody hearing know that it can be difficult to determine the visitation schedule and custody rights of two people. In this case of child custody from Nov. 14, some would argue that a judge has overstepped the bounds of the court by ordering a woman to stop breastfeeding, while others are sure that the woman was doing so to prevent her ex-partner to see their child. In any case like this, it's best for both parties to speak to their legal representatives to determine the right course of action, because what's best for the child is the main reason for any decision that will be made.

Recently, a judge in Pennsylvania ruled that a father had the right to see his daughter two days a week at his house, but the problem with this was that the child's mother wanted to continue to breastfeed her child. The 10-month-old child is in the primary care of her mother, and the girl's father had requested additional time with her through the courts. The mother is now speaking out against the judge because she believes the ruling is unfair, according to the news.

The mother claims that if she does not comply, she will have her child taken away. She also claims that the judge asked why the child wasn't on formula, because 10 months was old enough to do so. The mother allegedly claimed that she wanted to continue breastfeeding for the health of her child. According to the World Health Organization, the recommendation is that a woman exclusively breastfeeds until a child is six months old. At that point, the recommendation is to continue nursing while providing an introduction to solid foods.

While this case is not black and white, it's obvious that the two will have to make the judge's decision work or appeal the decision altogether.

Source: SFGate, "Pennsylvania judge orders woman to stop breastfeeding" Amy Graff, Nov. 14, 2013


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