How to Navigate a Business Dispute

Business disputes can put your whole company at risk. When a conflict arises and threatens the everyday operations of your business, you will need a business litigation lawyer to help you navigate the process and come out on top. You may be headed for business dispute litigation if you or your company are engaged in any of the following:

  • Employment Disputes: Issues with employees commonly include breaches of non-compete agreements and claims of harassment, abuse, or discrimination.
  • Client/Customer Disputes: When consumers are unhappy with services rendered or products delivered, they may make unreasonable demands or pursue legal action against your business. They may also do great damage to your business’ reputation by publicly vocalizing the details of their negative experience.
  • Breach of Contract: When another business, entity, or individual fails to uphold their end of a contract, the effects on your business can be damaging. Sometimes legal force is required to get another party to meet the requirements of the agreement or obtain compensation for damages incurred as a result of the breach.
  • Fraud/Breach of Fiduciary Duty: When a corporate official or individual with whom your business has a fiduciary relationship misuses their access to privileged information, your business can be severely harmed.
  • Disputes with Other Businesses: It is not uncommon for a turf-war to ensue between competing businesses, as well as instances of patent violations and allegations of employee-poaching or dishonest marketing practices.

Regardless of the nature of your business dispute, don’t proceed without protecting yourself. To keep a business dispute from damaging your business’ reputation, financial security, and ability to function, you need an experienced business litigation lawyer in your corner. Don’t wait until it gets worse—contact one of our Harrisburg business attorneys at Scaringi Law today.

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