Wage Payment and Collection Law

There is a law in Pennsylvania that guarantees not only that your employer pay you within a short period of time after your separation from employment; it also specifically provides for payment of "fringe benefits and wage supplements." That law is known as the Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law, 43 Pa.C.S. §§260.1, et seq ("Act").

"Wages" are defined under the Act as follows: "Includes all earnings of any employee, regardless of whether determined on time, task, piece, commission or other method of calculation. The term 'wages' also includes fringe benefits or wage supplements whether payable by the employer from his funds or from amounts withheld from the employees' pay by the employer."

"Fringe benefits or wage supplements" are defined as follows: "Includes all monetary employer payments to provide benefits under any employee benefit plan … as well as separation, vacation, holiday or guaranteed pay; reimbursement for expenses; union dues withheld from the employees' pay by the employer; and any other amount to be paid pursuant to an agreement to the employee, a third party or fund for the benefit of employees."

Wages other than fringe benefits and wage supplements must generally be paid to an employee by the next regular payday. However, fringe benefits and wage supplements are required to be paid either within 10 days of an agreement to that effect; or "within 60 days of the date when proper claim was filed by the employee in situations where no required time for payment is specified.

In other words, if you have any doubt whether or not you are entitled to payment of fringe benefits, you can only find out for sure if you ask. Should you have any questions concerning wage payment, collection or any other employment law related matter, do not hesitate to contact me at (717) 775-7195.


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