Working Closely With Your Attorney Will Increase Your Chances Of A Better Outcome

undefinedBy Keith E.Kendall, Esq.

Think of your attorney as a professional problem-solver. The more closely you work together to solve your legal problem, the more likely you will be pleased with the outcome; and the more involved you will feel about your attorney's work on your behalf. I've practiced law for over 33 years, addressing literally thousands of legal matters, and I can attest to having the best outcomes in cases in which my clients were closely involved in their case, by (1) communicating with me often, and/or at least "as needed;" (2) providing all conceivable facts and documents necessary for my application of the relevant law to their cases, starting with our initial consultation; and (3) remaining flexible about certain aspects of their cases, including settlement of the case. Frequent communication keeps us focused and "on the same page; full factual disclosure - even any negative information - is imperative to a positive solution of your problem (you will know the facts better than I ever will, but I need to learn as much as possible about them). Flexibility, especially in your thinking about your case, is crucial, because the law itself is flexible. Your flexibility may allow me to arrive a creative solution to your problem. By working closely together, as a team, we will have a much better chance of successfully solving your problem!

To start a working relationship with a Scaringi Law attorney, call 717 657 7770 to discuss your legal needs.



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