Why Establish a Copyright?

Protecting your work is a multi-step process, and establishing a copyright for your research, written work, and other intellectual property is key. Obtaining copyright protection is essential if you wish to protect your business and your intellectual property from theft, illegal reproduction, and so on. First, you must determine what you need a copyright for, then you have to go about the proper process to register your work and protect your business. Because this process can be complex, it is important to ensure you do your research and work with a legal professional you can trust. To get started, read our blog and learn the basics.

What Can Be Protected Through Copyright?

Before you can begin the copyright process, you need to determine which aspects of your business are eligible for copyright protection. Generally speaking, you can use copyright law to protect your intellectual property. Intellectual property may include original work, research, and other materials specific to your business. More specifically, this may include lyrics, musical scores, literary compositions, computer programs, artwork, code, and other original work.

Other aspects of your business, such as your logo or your business name, would be protected by a trademark rather than a copyright.

When determining when to apply each of these protections, it is best to discuss your options with an experienced intellectual property lawyer at Scaringi Law. This aspect of business law can be complex, which is why it is always best to seek legal counsel specific to your situation.

Why Get Copyright Protection?

Once you’ve determined what you’d like copyrighted, you should take action to register your work for copyright. This is a legal formality that can further protect your work and investment by making your copyright a matter of public record.

Copyright protection can protect you and your business and allow you sole authority over your work. Once your work is under copyright protection, it will be unlawful for others to:

  • Reproduce the work in copies

  • Create derivative works

  • Distribute copies to the public for sale, rental, lease, or lending

  • Perform or display the work publicly

Ready to pursue copyright protection for your work? Our firm is prepared to help. At Scaringi Law, we have extensive experience helping individuals and businesses protect their intellectual property and business interests. If you have original work, research, or ideas in need of copyright protection, we want to hear from you.

Contact Scaringi Law today to discuss your potential case with our copyright attorneys, and ask about a free consultation!

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