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Pennsylvania Criminal Lawyers Defend State or Federal Charges

Everyone understands that a serious drug crimes conviction can lead to large fines and jail or prison. Yet, there are also collateral consequences that you must consider when deciding how you will fight your drug charges. A criminal record can make it difficult for someone to find a job or rent an apartment. Even a misdemeanor guilty plea on a marijuana possession charge could endanger a university student's access to loans and financial aid and, of course, the privilege to operate a motor vehicle. A prescription drug offense could expose a doctor, nurse or teacher to professional disciplinary action. Drug offenses associated with a particular bar or restaurant could jeopardize your liquor license.

When so much is at stake, you want aggressive defense from an experienced drug crimes defense lawyer. A criminal defense attorney who will work hard to get you the best possible result. Someone who is at home in the courtroom, not afraid to go head-to-head with the best prosecutors in the state.

If you face felony or misdemeanor drug charges in the state or federal courts of Central Pennsylvania, you want the Newport and Harrisburg drug crime lawyers of Scaringi Law Contact us for a consultation.

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We'll take an aggressive approach to the investigation of your case with the goal of expanding your options for a positive outcome. However, the specific strategies we'll recommend for you will depend on your specific situation — what substance are you charged with? What quantity? How was it discovered? Do you have a prior record of drug possession or trafficking? What county were you charged in? Or is your case in federal court?

No matter what drug charge you're facing, our Newport and Harrisburg drug crime lawyers work promptly to attack the prosecution's case. As former prosecutors with more than 25 years and 100 trials under our belts, we know what tactics the prosecution uses and are able to identify weaknesses in their case.

Building Your Defense

Our drug crime defense lawyers will move to suppress the evidence of possession or sales whenever defects in a traffic stop, search warrant or police raid indicate a violation of your Fourth Amendment rights. Especially in cases involving first offenders, we might be able to steer your case away from the criminal justice system through treatment, community service or other pretrial diversionary programs, such as accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD).

Our goal is to minimize your exposure to punishment. We have experience handling cases involving the full range of state or federal drug crimes:

  • Possession of marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin or methamphetamine
  • Drug sales and possession with intent to sell
  • Drug distribution/drug trafficking charges based on the recovery of large quantities of drugs or cash
  • Drug manufacturing and drug cultivation, including marijuana grow houses and meth labs
  • Unauthorized possession or sale of prescription drugs
  • Federal drug conspiracy charges
  • Money laundering charges
  • State or federal asset forfeiture proceedings
  • Drug crimes charged in connection with motor vehicle offenses
  • Drug crimes charged against juveniles

At Scaringi Law, our Newport, and Harrisburg drug crime lawyers keep in mind the potential collateral consequences of a drug conviction for a particular client while protecting you from punishment on the immediate charge.

Port Royal Drug Possession Lawyer

Our approach to your case will keep your long-range interests in mind while developing and presenting your most effective available defense to the current criminal charges. Ask about our initial consults for your defense options, contact us in Harrisburg or Newport.

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