Harrisburg Violent Crime Attorney

Pennsylvania Lawyers Presenting Your Defense to Violent Crime Charges

If you face charges of any violent crime along the spectrum from simple assault to homicide, the criminal defense attorneys of Scaringi Law can evaluate your risks, investigate the facts, advise you about your options, and fight for you in court. Our goal as defense counsel is twofold: first, to give you the legal advice you need to make smart choices for yourself at critical points of the case; and next, to do everything possible to improve the quality of the options you'll have to choose from.

Arrested for a violent crime? Turn to Scaringi Law for the defense you need. Contact us today!

Call (717) 775-7195 for Advice from our Skilled Violent Crime Lawyer

Contact us in Harrisburg and Newport for a consultation about your criminal defense problem. If we can find a way to resolve the case on terms that protect you from the worst consequences of a conviction, we'll put the plan into action. If our Harrisburg violent crimes attorneys think we can present an effective trial defense, we'll let you know and you can choose between a compromise plea and a chance for victory before a jury.

These are hard choices, and not every case presents attractive alternatives. Our Harrisburg violent crime lawyers will take every measure available to back the government away from serious charges or sentencing proposals. As seasoned criminal defense attorneys and former prosecutors, we know how to assess the strength of the evidence against you and take advantage of weaknesses both as leverage in plea negotiations and as essential steps in trial preparation.

We advise clients in Central Pennsylvania and throughout the state about the best ways to approach the defense of violent crimes, including:

  • Homicide and manslaughter (state and federal charges)
  • Vehicular homicide related to drunk driving or hit and run
  • Aggravated assault, including attempted murder
  • Simple assault
  • Domestic assault
  • Violent sex crimes
  • Kidnapping
  • Weapons offenses, including federal firearm possession charges against people with felony convictions
  • Violent crime charges against juveniles

At Scaringi Law, our Harrisburg violent crime lawyers integrate our attorneys' widely varied legal experience and skills into a focused trial practice that thrives on complex factual, legal and procedural problems. In criminal defense, the best defense is a strong offense.

To learn how our skilled former prosecutors will take the fight to the prosecution in any violent crime case, contact us in Harrisburg or Newport.

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