Harrisburg Sex Crime Lawyer 

Aggressive Sex Crime Defense in PA

In recent years, Pennsylvania law enforcement officials have stepped up their investigations and prosecutions of sex crimes, including Internet-based sex crimes, child pornography and child sexual abuse. A person charged with a Pennsylvania sex crime faces severe criminal penalties, mandatory registration and reporting under Megan's Law and, of course, the terrible social stigma that goes along with these cases.

Sex crime charges, now more than ever, call for an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney.

Scaringi Law is built to discover and exploit the flaws and weaknesses in the prosecution's case and to develop the evidence that supports your defense and tears away at the case against you. Our Newport and Harrisburg attorneys are former prosecutors and have wide and deep experience in handling sex crimes cases, including cases involving child sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation and child pornography. Contact us to learn how our methods of investigation and advocacy can meet the challenges of sex crime defense.

Immediate Legal Support for Sex Crime Accusations

There are often opportunities to seek legal advice before formal sex crime charges are filed, especially in cases where the accuser and the accused know each other. We urge you to contact us at the first moment you become aware that you're under investigation.

Any effort to talk your way out of trouble will probably make things worse for you. The best conversation you can have with the police or a detective will be short, polite, and limited to "I'd rather not talk to you without my lawyer present."

Proactive Defense Strategies For Sex Crime Charges

The period between the beginning of the investigation and formal sex crime charges gives your sex crimes defense attorney an excellent chance to protect you from the worst potential charges, and even to make the case go away. An aggressive approach in the earliest stages can go far toward developing your defense in sexual criminal misconduct cases involving:

  • Internet sex offenses, such as child pornography (possession and distribution) or online solicitation of sex with a minor
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Statutory rape
  • Sex crime charges against juveniles
  • Date rape or acquaintance rape
  • Sex crimes charged against teachers, coaches, clergy, supervisors or others in a position of trust or authority over an adult or minor victim
  • Violent sex crimes

As well as defending people on the criminal charges related to alleged sexual misconduct, we also help our clients manage the collateral fallout from their legal problem. Your family relationships will come under strain. If you are a licensed professional, you might face disciplinary action. The breadth of experience and sophistication in our sex crimes defense practice can help you with all of the challenges you face.

For a consultation about your best options for overcoming Pennsylvania sex crime charges, contact Scaringi Law, in Harrisburg or Newport.

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