Facing a Mortgage Foreclosure? Bankruptcy Could Be a Fresh Start

In this day and age, mortgage payments are harder to keep up with than ever before. While some lenders may be willing to work out deals with homeowners, many are not, and this can cause additional pressure or financial strain if you are already struggling. However, what many people don’t realize is, by filing for bankruptcy, you may be able to rectify this difficult situation. By reaching out to Scaringi Law's Harrisburg, Lancaster, or York bankruptcy lawyers, you may find a preferable alternative to mortgage foreclosure.

Our Central Pennsylvania attorneys will work on a variety of aspects regarding your foreclosure, and in doing so you may have the opportunity to have your debt cancelled. With this, you can then focus on putting all of your income and money towards paying your mortgage.

The reasons filing for bankruptcy can help you while facing a mortgage foreclosure include but are not limited to:

  • It can delay foreclosure proceedings
  • Possibility of debt cancellation, including credit card debts, medical bills, money judgements from lawsuits over breach of contract or negligence

Bankruptcy can have a lot of negative connotations, with many people being legitimately concerned about the social, emotional, or mental implications of filing. Also, bankruptcy will take a toll on your credit, which is definitely something to consider before filing. However, with bankruptcy, your debts will essentially be eradicated and you will have the chance for the fresh start. Something you may have been dreaming of for quite some time.

Contact Scaringi Law for Accomplished Mortgage Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Lawyers

At Scaringi Law, we believe in keeping you as informed and comfortable as possible throughout this entire process, which is why we believe in having open and honest communication on a constant basis. For Newport, Hanover, or Gettysburg bankruptcy lawyers who will advise you with the most up-to-date, personalized, and honest guidance, look no further than our experienced and compassionate lawyers.

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