Pennsylvania Real Estate Law: Title Agency & Settlements

Most people will encounter a situation in which real estate law is crucial, such as when buying, selling, or renting a piece of real property. However, there are two aspects of real estate law that not many people fully understand, despite them being essential to real estate transactions. In order to clear up some of the confusion, our Harrisburg real estate law attorneys explain title agency and settlements below. You can also contact us online if you would prefer to talk to us during an initial consultation.

What is Title Agency in Real Estate?

In order for someone to gain new legal ownership of a piece of property, they need to obtain the title to it. Titles that have current owners or legitimate counterclaims from other interested parties cannot be transferred during a real estate transaction. Through a title agency, the title of certain real estate can be thoroughly researched to ensure that it can actually be purchase, sold, or transferred through usual means. This should be done early on in a real estate transaction to avoid late discoveries of preexisting or conflicting titles.

A title agency can help realtors and purchasers identify the following, which can halt a transaction:

  • Mortgages
  • Liens
  • Outstanding taxes
  • Federal legal restrictions
  • Easements
  • Leases

What is a Real Estate Settlement?

By many standards, a real estate settlement is the same as a closing, or a completion. Settlements represent what should be the last step in a real estate transaction, given that there were no other occurrences that could delay or stop the process. Once ownership is given to the new owner and the first payment is made, the settlement is complete, as is the transaction as a whole. In relation to title agency, settlements should or cannot be made official until a title agency has a chance to look for any separate interests that could complicate the sale.

Trusted Real Estate Lawyers in Harrisburg, PA

For years, Sacringi Law has been dedicated to protecting and representing the families and businesses of our communities. Our Harrisburg real estate attorneys have proudly been there for countless clients who needed to start, navigate, and close real estate transactions, or gain a better understanding of real estate law in Pennsylvania. If you think you would benefit from our help as well, please call (717) 775-7195 to add an initial consultation to your calendar.


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