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At Scaringi Law, we handle both residential and commercial real estate transactions. For most residential homebuyers, their home is the biggest investment they will ever make. If the property is commercial or industrial, the stakes can be even higher. We offer real estate transaction services to both buyers and sellers. If you are buying or selling real estate, protect your investment.

Our real estate services group, headed by 30-year accomplished attorney, Frank Mroczka, was created specifically to address all your real estate needs. Attorney Mroczka, who has handled thousands of real estate closings, brings extensive real estate and title insurance expertise to the table, and will do everything possible to ensure your real estate transaction is flawless.

A real estate closing can be difficult, stressful, and often complicated right until the ink dries. We can advise you in securing financing with lenders, inspections, appraisals, difficult or unprepared opposing parties, even the challenges of moving all your belongings. The Scaringi Law real estate lawyers in Harrisburg will concentrate on every facet of your legal matters during the entire process.

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From Agreement of Sale to End of Closing

Our attorneys help you with every step of your real estate transaction. We start with the Agreement of Sale. If there is a contingency you need, such as selling your present residence, obtaining financing or having property inspections performed, we will make sure that the agreement contains a legally enforceable contingency clause.

Our firm's experience with the identification of issues and resolution of problems through every stage of a transaction allows our clients to deal with us instead of a title company or settlement agent. We also represent clients in sale-by-owner transactions executed without real estate agents or brokers.

We assist clients throughout the real estate transaction, including:

  • Agreement of Sale
  • Title search
  • Title Insurance
  • Deeds
  • Preparation of documents required for closing
  • Closing/settlement services for both mortgage sales and cash sales
  • Leases-including creation and transfers/assignments
  • Easement/right of way negotiation and document preparation
  • Mortgage sale

At the end, we attend the closing. We are on hand to answer questions and go over the documents one more time before closing the deal. If there is a boundary line dispute, adverse possession or other issue that could turn into a dispute, we can handle that also.

Other Real Estate Services We Offer

In addition to real estate purchases and sales, we offer seasoned help with:

Boundary Line Disputes: Protect your rights! We meticulously search the public records for all matters that would be beneficial to our clients should you be involved in a residential or commercial dispute with a neighboring property owner.

Zoning and Planning: We are careful to review the subtly nuisances in borough and city codes to represent your interests, be it a matter brought against you by a municipal authority, or initiated by you for variances or other matters affecting your property. Subdividing property must meet each authority’s precise requirements before approval is granted. We work with surveyors and the zoning/planning commission to fast track your applications for approvals.

Foreclosures: If you are subject to a foreclosure, our Real Estate team works in tandem with our bankruptcy attorneys to ensure all options are scrutinized under the law, thereby allowing you to choose your best options in a foreclosure scenario.

Landlord/Tenant Law: If you are a landlord or tenant, we can represent you at every process of this relationship, from drafting agreements to disputes that may arise. We understand that landlords have certain rights and obligations and are also cognizant that tenants have federal, state and local protection under the law. Recognizing all matters affecting this unique relationship, we will apply the law to each and every situation to the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Frank Mroczka Is a Licensed Title Insurance Agent

Attorney Frank Mroczka, Chair of our Real Estate Section, is a licensed title insurance agent as well as an accomplished Pennsylvania attorney. He can answer any questions you have regarding your title insurance, and with 15 years of expert title agent experience, Attorney Mroczka will handle every aspect of the title process, from procuring insurance to dealing with your lender.

Our team can expertly prepare virtually all the documents involved in your transaction, including deeds, easements, agreements of sale, and other paperwork required for your real estate transaction. We also review documents presented to you by third parties, like deeds, easements, mortgages, title insurance binders, sales agreements, and any other documents in questions.

If Scaringi Law is not the agent for your title insurance transaction, we can certainly represent your interests, so you can rest assured you know everything about the documentation prior to the closing. We can also represent you at the actual closing. Our full-spectrum of services ensures Scaringi Law is prepared to be your legal advocate in every possible real estate situation.

Why Hire a Real Estate Lawyer from Scaringi Law?

You are not required to have an attorney to buy real estate. So why not save money and just do it yourself? You hire a lawyer to prevent costly mistakes. During our title searches, we check everything the old-fashioned way--by combing through the documents, one by one. When we trace the chain of title, we go back at least 70 years. Due to our thoroughness, we constantly run into defects in title.

These include mortgages, judgments and other liens, easements or other encumbrances. Occasionally, we even discover a break in the chain of title. If the seller of the property doesn't legally own it, neither will the subsequent buyer. Learning about these mistakes before you buy real property can prevent a nasty surprise down the road.

If you are a seller, we can often help you clean up your title, or make contingencies for paying off encumbrances, so that your property is more marketable. If you're a buyer, we can help make sure you're getting what you contracted and paid for and that you're not buying liens, debts or lawsuits.

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