CDLs And CSA Scores


Commercial Drivers know, traffic violations for CDL drivers can have far reaching consequences beyond those of drivers with “regular” Class C licenses. Certain offenses can lead to suspension or disqualification of one’s CDL driving privileges even if committed in one’s personal vehicle.

A common example is a conviction for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), which will lead to a one-year suspension (for a first offense) of CDL driving privileges even if the driver is able to avoid suspension of his or her Class C license due to a relatively low Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or participation in a diversionary program such as Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD). There are various offenses less egregious than DUI that still may impact a driver’s CDL privileges depending on the severity and frequency of the violation involved.

Another consideration for CDL drivers is the CSA score. CSA stands for Compliance, Safety, Accountability. These scores are used by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to recognize unsafe drivers or drivers that may need further training. CSA scores are not impacted by traffic offenses committed in a personal vehicle, but they do take into consideration things other than just traffic offenses. There are seven categories used in assessing a driver: Unsafe Driving, Crash Indicator, Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance, Vehicle Maintenance, Controlled Substance/Alcohol, Hazardous Materials Compliance, and Driver Fitness. A poor CSA score can result in higher insurance premiums or, in extreme circumstances, inability to secure employment as a CDL driver.

If you are a CDL driver charged with a traffic violation, even one alleged to have occurred in your personal vehicle, it is imperative that you contact one of Scaringi Law’s experienced traffic attorneys, at 717 657 7770, to defend your driving privileges and your livelihood.


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