Mediation - An Alternative Dispute Resolution

undefinedBy Keith E. Kendall, Esq.

I've participated in at least 50 mediation sessions in my 30+ years in practice, and during the last dozen years or so, I've noticed a significant up-tick in the cases that are resolved by this helpful settlement tool. In my years in practice, I've been able to settle the civil and other disputes that my clients have retained me to resolve, in at least 80% of the mediated cases - and probably more - resulting in client savings of thousands of dollars and potentially years of conventional litigation.
Using the process is not without cost, because it takes a skilled legal advocate to prepare the case as if for trial; and to prepare and present the most formidable case possible at the mediation session(s), in order to maximize the settlement potential of the case.
In mediation, a neutral, third party mediator - often one with legal experience - is chosen by the parties to mediate virtually any type of dispute. Through shuttle diplomacy, an experienced and skilled mediator thoroughly explores the strengths and weaknesses of each party's case; then works aggressively to move the parties close to some "middle ground" for settlement. I have become a big fan of mediation, and routinely suggest this dispute resolution tool for consideration by my client(s), often with favorable results.
This involves a preliminary preparation of the case as if it were going to trial. However, compared to the cost of conventional litigation or other dispute resolution, and the probability of successfully settling the dispute, I've found the investment by clients in this process to be a very good one.

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