Helping a loved one at a distance is easier with an estate plan

Taking care of aging parents can be difficult for anyone. As their health starts to decline, many difficult decision might need to be made, and children might need to be at their parents' sides at a moment's notice. When distance separates parents and children, it can be even more difficult for a child to help a parent manage their finances and ensure their physical wellbeing.

As parents age, many children find themselves moving their parents to where they live, or relocating to be closer to where their parents are. This can be disruptive no matter who is the person moving. It is important that people have proper estate planning. As a person ages, a proper estate plan can help guide a family on what the person's wishes are, even if they can no longer voice their decisions.

Seeking help forming advance directives and other health care documents can ensure that a person has proper legal documents to guide their children in making decisions for the unexpected or as a person ages.

Proper estate planning is more than just forming wills and trusts. It is ensuring that families have proper plans in place for when an emergency situation arises, or when parents age. By speaking with an attorney about estate planning, a person can learn about various options they have regarding their future wellbeing and asset management well before they think they might need any care. They can also speak with their family members about their wishes as they age and work with their family to ensure proper resources are in place to carry out a person's plan.

Source:, "Taking care of aging parents, from a distance," Paul Sullivan and Kerry Donahue, Nov. 19, 2013


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