How Long Does Divorce Take?

Experienced Divorce Attorneys in Harrisburg

Divorce is an infamously difficult process, made even more challenging by the length of time it takes to split. Depending on the kind of divorce and the route couples choose to take when disentangling their possessions, finances, etc., finalizing a divorce can sometimes take more than a year.

Timeline for Uncontested Divorces

If you and your spouse agree to a mutual consent, no-fault divorce and there are no complicating factors such as alimony, property division, debt, or child support, your divorce could be fairly simple. Even in such cases, there is still a 90-day waiting period issued by the court, during which time either spouse can request that the court mandate marriage counseling or other restorative methods. In total, expect such divorces to take around 4 months. If you and your spouse have been separated for more than 2 years and agree on the details of your separation, you can take the Irretrievable Breakdown, no-fault divorce. In this case, the 90-day waiting period will not be issued and you could be divorced in less than 2 months.

Timeline for Contested Divorces

When spouses do not agree on the details of their split and cannot divide their property, finances, parenting rights, etc. with civility and fairness, divorce can become a long, protracted battle that can take years. (That’s right—years.) A contested divorce can mean multiple hearings, expensive and drawn-out court appearances, and a heavy emotional toll on you and your family. However, regardless of how much or how little you and your spouse disagree on the finer points of your divorce, it is always in your best interest to get an experienced family lawyer on your side. Our team of accomplished divorce attorneys is ready to help you navigate your divorce as quickly and effectively as possible.

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