Can I Brew Beer at Home and Sell It Without a Liquor License?

Can I Brew Beer at Home and Sell It Without a Liquor License?

By Attorney Frank C. Sluzis, Esq.

No. If you brew beer at home and sell it at farmer’s markets or other locales, you need a liquor license. More specifically, you need a brewery license. In Pennsylvania, the type of license you need depends on what you do with your beer after you brew it. If you brew at home and sell your beer off-premises, you can apply for a manufacturing license or a “G” license. You will need to follow special rules, however, if you serve alcohol on your property, and if you want to host more than 10 customers, you may need a “GP” license.

Licenses and Permits

With a G license, you can brew beer at home and sell it to other licensees. You can also open a brewery with 10 seats – as long as you also sell snack foods and close at midnight. If you want to sell your beer at an event or farmer’s market, you will need special permits, as well:

  • An expo permit costs $30 per day and allows you to sell your beer by the glass, growler, bottle, and package (up to 192 ounces) at festivals and other events.
  • A farmer’s market permit costs $250 per year and allows you to sell your beer by the growler, bottle, and package at farmer’s markets throughout Pennsylvania. You can sell your beer at more than one farmer’s market at one time.

When you get a G license and the appropriate permits, you can brew beer at home and sell it – often for a small profit! If your business does well, and you want to expand, you can apply for a GP license later.

With a GP license, you can open a brewery with tables, chairs, and food for 30 people and apply for catering permits. Nevertheless, you can no longer self-distribute your beer and must go through wholesalers when you sell your beer outside of your brewery.

Want to Make Money with Your Home Brew?

Scaringi Law can help. We have an impressive liquor licensing practice in Pennsylvania, and we help craft brewers obtain and protect their brewery licenses. Whether you are applying for a “G” license for the first time, upgrading to a “GP” license, or fighting a liquor license violation, our team would be proud to assist you.

Attorney Frank C. Sluzis is the chair of our Liquor Law Section and a former Chief Prosecutor of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) Nuisance Bar program. This is the kind of insight and experience we bring to your case. We also bring thorough preparation, hard work, and world-class client service.

Turn your dreams into a reality and make money with your passion for home brewing and craft beer. Call us at (717) 775-7195 or contact us onlineto start pursuing your Pennsylvania liquor license today.



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