Harrisburg Business Litigation Attorney

Experienced Counsel in Corporate and Commercial Litigation

As a full-service business law firm, Scaringi Law, stands ready to protect our clients' interests whenever a dispute or misunderstanding threatens to land your company in court. To learn how our attorneys carry out our commitment for efficient, resourceful and dependable client service in business litigation of all kinds, contact us in Harrisburg or Newport,.

For Business Litigation Advice, call Scaringi Law at (717) 775-7195, to review your matter with an experienced attorney via phone, or at one of our many Central Pennsylvania office locations.

Our litigation practice reflects the effective integration of our lawyers' varied experience and professional interests. This gives our clients a distinct advantage in any commercial, corporate or partnership dispute that crosses disciplinary lines, as many cases do.

For example, we can at the same time defend a business on contract claims while developing counterclaims on fraud or other tort theories, protecting your right to defense or indemnification under any applicable insurance coverage, and pursuing third parties for any other claims that relate to the original litigation.

Principles of contracts, insurance, and tort law might all apply to different aspects of this hypothetical situation, which might also require a thorough legal and practical understanding of real estate, employment law, corporate law or commercial law, depending on the factual context of the original relationship or dispute. Our trial attorneys can rise to the challenges presented by business disputes presenting any degree of complexity.

Examples of the kinds of specific business disputes we handle include:

  • Corporate governance or management disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Litigation involving commercial sales, loans or other contractual commitments
  • Employment litigation, including the enforcement of employment contracts and severance terms
  • Trade secrets or noncompetition litigation
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Real estate litigation
  • Collections and bankruptcy claims
  • Administrative practice involving license violations, regulatory enforcement or denial of applications

Relatively few disputes actually go to trial, and many can be resolved on favorable terms without the need for protracted court proceedings. At Scaringi Law, our lawyers make sure that each litigation client understands the relative strengths and weaknesses of a given position, so that you can make sound decisions about the strategic and tactical options we present at each critical point of a case. Our goal is to achieve the best possible result at the least expense of time, money and risk.

Dependable Counsel in Civil Litigation and Administrative Hearings

Scaringi Law practices in both State and Federal courts throughout Pennsylvania, including such specialized tribunals as bankruptcy court, probate court, tax court, and a wide range of administrative hearing boards.

For more information about our firm's ability to protect your interests in commercial, corporate or partnership litigation, call (717) 775-7195, chat, or fill out our convenient Contact Us form, and get the Scaringi Law legal team started on your case today!

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